This is an experimental service both to see if there is interest from students in it and to see whether I can keep up with the questions.  The idea is to allow students to pose questions in an entirely nonthreatening way.  Then we'll treat those questions as public goods, so everyone else who comes to the site can see them as well as as the response.  The goal here isn't to provide answers (to homework problems or exams questions) but rather to go through the background thinking so the students can generate those answers themselves.

It is anticipated that some responses will require follow up by the student posing the question or by other students who see both the question and the response.  Comments are available for that purpose, so a single question can end up generating a thread, with many comments.

The site can also be used to request a micro-lecture on some topic.  I have noticed that for my own video channel a small number of videos get the bulk of the hits.  I would be happy to provide additional content if I could get some sense that it would be viewed.

The aim is to provide responses to questions within 24 hours of their posting.   Micro-lecture requests will be delivered in a week if there isn't already such a micro-lecture available.

Prof. Arvan

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